Youth Leadership team

The Youth Leadership Team  (YLT - previously Student Voice) has a long history of successful projects at SWCHS. In recent years we have:

  • Campaigned and part funded the ‘pod’ eating areas so that students have more places to eat at lunch.
  • Funded an ‘outdoor classroom’ for the ASU so that students have a good place to have lessons when at the ASU.
  • Worked closely with the senior team to develop a gender neutral uniform code and recently introduced shorts to the uniform for the summer months.

The YLT meet on a Tuesday lunchtime in A9 with Mrs Butler to support them. The group consists of students from Years 10 and 11 working as leaders of whole school projects that students are passionate about.  Years 7 to 9 are also welcome and bring lots of ideas to the meetings and many of the younger students continue with the group in to leadership roles as they move through the school.  Other teachers also support smaller groups with projects that they want to work on and these are supported on a day-to-day basis by the Year 11 members of YLT.  The YLT regularly report back to the Senior Leadership Team and work closely with the school leaders to provide feedback and insight in to changing policies in both directions.  Recently they have worked closely with the pastoral team to support the role out of the school responsibility cards.

In the last year we have been focussing on the environmental impact of the school and are looking to make the school community more aware of environmental issues and come up with ways to reduce negative impacts on the environment.  We have and will be:

  • Working with SWACC (Saffron Walden Against Climate Change) to increase air quality with walk/cycle to school days
  • Monitor the air pollution around the site using SWACC monitoring kits
  • Reduce the use of single use plastics in the school canteen and make sure that when they are used that they are recycled appropriately
  • Working closely with Uttlesford District Council understand more about where out waste goes and then educate the school community about it.
  • Increase the number of drinking foundations around school so that students can fill their own water bottles.
  • Stop the sale of water bottles at the canteen.
  • Design bins to make recycling waste more efficient and easier for all members of the community.
  • Increase the biodiversity across our site by planting flowers that Bee species and other pollinators will thrive on.
  • Working towards gaining the Eco Schools accreditation as well as supporting the canteen with the Healthy School accreditation.

We are proud of the work of the YLT and always welcome new members with new ideas to help make our school community inclusive, purposeful and open to innovation and change.

Further info can be found out from:

Mrs H Butler (Teacher in charge of the YLT)

Mr R Milne (Associate Principal with responsibility for Student Voice)