Transition to Sixth Form

We want you to start your Sixth Form journey with us feeling informed and supported with your subject choices. Choosing subjects can be difficult, especially with so many new subjects on offer, so it is important that you prepare and learn more about your chosen courses in detail.

To help you prepare for Sixth Form at SWCHS, we have organised two separate documents:

Our Subject Guide document will help you to understand the details of the course and will provide with guidance on how you will be assessed, the entry criteria and any further subject specific information.            

Our Getting Ready For documents have been provided by departments to help students best prepare for Sixth Form Study. You should find a range of online reading, watching and listening opportunities available within in each subjects to help enrich your understanding of the course.

However, there are also plenty of other websites, online communities and opportunities available. In Sixth Form, we call any  additional research outside of the classroom, Super-Curricular. It is a term you will become more familiar with as you enter the Sixth Form properly. Our Super-Curricular document below outlines some of the additional research opportunities currently available if you wish to delve deeper into your chosen subjects.