Year Group Information


The Pastoral and Achievement Team is led by Matthew Blayney, Deputy Headteacher and Paul Singh, Assistant Headteacher. It consists of five Year Achievement Coordinators (YACs) and five Student Support Officers (SSOs) for Years 7 – 11, with additional support provided by a counsellor, Inclusion Officer, Attendance Officer, a nurse and a first aider. The team supports the academic achievement, behaviour and welfare of all students.

YACs and SSOs lead a team of 10 tutors and 290 students. The YAC, with support from the SSO, provides the strategic lead for their year group and oversees the academic progress and behaviour of all students in their care.  Students are organised in forms, with a tutor who stays with them during their five years. Tutors are the first point of contact for students and parents/carers, they see the form every day at afternoon registration and have individual or group tutorials with students throughout the year. They are able to monitor progress, achievement and behaviour, and intervene to support students when necessary. Tutors get to know students as individuals and are there to support them in times of difficulty. Whilst tutors will deal with minor issues to do with achievement and behaviour, YACs and SSOs will deal with more serious or prolonged concerns.

Anxiety, illness, friendship and family issues can all be causes of stress in young people and students can self-refer to Beth Robertson, the counsellor, and to Sonia Moorey, nurse. Non-urgent issues should always be referred at breaks and lunchtimes. In addition the school uses counsellors from MIND and RELATEteen to support the work of our school based staff.

Excellent attendance at school is a prerequisite to excellent progress and attainment. We expect all students to achieve at least 96% attendance during the year. Carol de Oliveira, our Attendance Officer, contacts parents/carers when children are absent, and Jane Buckley, the Inclusion Officer, works with those students whose attendance has fallen and supports them back into school. We also work closely with the Missing Education and Child Employment Service (MICES) and ensures that the school’s policies regarding absence from school are being followed.

We aim to work in partnership with parents/carers. If there are concerns or worries we ask that parents/carers call or email to discuss or to arrange an appointment with either their child’s tutor or YAC/SSO.