Year 6 Transition

Hello Year 6 pupils and Parents/Carers

My name is Mrs Watts and I will be your Year Achievement Coordinator (YAC) for Year 7 in September.  It is my job to oversee the academic achievement and wellbeing of the year group during the five years leading up to the GCSE exams.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school for your Bridging and Taster Days.  This is a great opportunity for you to get to know the people and places which will play an important part in your lives at SWCHS.

We really look forward to welcoming you to SWCHS and are excited to meet our new Year 7s.

Year 7 Achievement Co-ordinator


All About Me booklet

We have sent All About Me booklets to the primary schools, for each student to complete. They are designed to help us learn about your child's interests and their approach to learning. Please click below to view a booklet. 

Primary Transition
From Tuesday 8th June, Mrs Watts, Miss Coates and other colleagues from our transition team will be visiting primary schools and meeting with Year 6 teachers and students. We will also be asking schools to submit a piece of your child's most recent Literacy work.  This should be a full page of handwritten work, in paragraphs, and should represent the student's best standard of work.   

Shoebox Project
Students are invited to complete a summer project, to bring to school on their first day with us in September.

The project is based around the ideas of the American artist, Joseph Cornell.

Students are asked to produce a ‘shoebox’ piece of art in the style of Cornell (further information on Cornell can be found at:

The theme is ‘Looking Back and Looking Forwards’, in other words asking the students to think about themselves at the end of KS2 (successes, memories etc.) and what they feel about secondary school and their future. Students produce a ‘visual’ presentation of their thoughts and feelings in their shoebox.

The students will bring their shoeboxes with them in September and will talk about them in their tutor groups as part of their Induction Programme.


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