Year 11 Ahead Evening

Under normal circumstances we would be hosting the ‘Year 11 Ahead’ evening for you and your child to attend in order to kick off this very important year with the right mindset and support to ensure future academic and personal success for your child.

For obvious reasons it is not possible for us to run the evening as we would like to, however, we have created a ‘Year 11 Ahead’ presentation which outlines all of the very important information relating to your child’s Year 11 which we would normally present at the ‘Year 11 Ahead’ evening. We strongly encourage you to watch this presentation with your child in order to ensure that you and they are well equipped for the coming year and future studies at either Sixth Form, a different College, or an Apprenticeship.

The presentation covers the following:

  • Year office information and Pastoral support for Year 11
  • Year book and Prom information
  • Post-16 Sixth Form and College applications
  • Key subject information for English, Maths, Science and RPE
  • Key revision advice and guidance