Year 10

Students will continue with their GCSE courses, rising to the new challenges that this year will bring.  I have every confidence that they will build on last year’s progress and listen carefully to the guidance given by their teachers to enable them to achieve their full potential.

As ever, Mrs Claxton (SSO) and I will help students to develop an increasingly positive, mature and resilient attitude to their studies and continue to encourage them to participate in some of the many extra-curricular opportunities available. Ensuring a good ‘work-life’ balance is something that we encourage to improve well-being and the school aims to offer a wide variety of opportunities in order to maintain a balanced mindset.  There is a wealth of support available in school for any students that find themselves in need.  Please do encourage students to seek help if they find themselves struggling.  They can talk to their form tutor, a school counsellor, or pop by the Year Office.

We will continue to monitor both punctuality and attendance.  Please ensure your child is in school by 8:30 each morning, ready to start lessons promptly. We appreciate that absence is at times unavoidable, but request that parents ensure they contact us as early as possible to report any absence. For any pre-planned absences, please complete an Absence Request Form, available to download from the website.

Students should all be familiar with how to make good use of their planners for recording homework and organisation.  Parents and carers are able to monitor the use of the planner from home and use this as a tool of communication between home and school. We would expect students to be completing an hour of homework/self-study most days. (Recommended 12-16 hours per fortnight).  Please do remember to sign planners at the end of the week.

During the summer term, all Year 10 students will sit a full series of GCSE mock exams under full exam conditions. These exams have been designed to help students prepare for the final series of exams in Year 11. Further guidance will be issued on revision techniques and timetables nearer the time.  Activities Week at the end of the Summer Term for Year 10 will be focusing on enterprise education with a range of activities.

We are incredibly proud of the students in our year group and have every confidence in their ability to embrace all that Year 10 has to offer. As role models for the younger students and ambassadors for SWCHS, we have the very highest expectations, both academically and on a personal level.  We look forward to continuing our close working relationships with both parents and students.

Miss Gilbert- Year 10 Achievement Coordinator

Miss Sasha Gilbert - Year 10 YAC

Mrs Barbara Claxton - Year 10 SSO