Transport Provision

Post-16 Transport Information

Transport to and from SWCHS is offered by a range of transport providers who work for the County Council, not SWCHS. In practice, this may mean our Sixth Form has little influence over routes, prices and timings of transport to and from school. Sadly, it is now also the case that once a student is 16 years old, their use of buses is no longer free.

For up-to-date information and details of how to apply for transport assistance (including the application form), please open and read the PDF below, which outlines the current Essex transport provision. Please note the following:

  • To be eligible, students must be under 19 years of age at the start of the first year of their course.
  • Only students who live more than 3 miles from SWCHS can apply.
  • The standard annual charge is £900, or £450 for students whose families are on low incomes. Payments can be made in 3 termly instalments.
  • There are bursary provisions, both from the Department of Education and possibly SWCHS, for other specific groups of students, such as those in care, or those who have disabilities.
  • Applications for passes for the following academic year open on March 1st and close on September 30th.
  • All applications and queries should be directed to Essex County Council.

The document and website links below may help you plan your child’s journey to SWCHS.
Please remember that the normal school day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 3.20pm.

Click here to access Stephensons Of Essex

For up-to-date information and how to apply for transport assistance, please open and read the PDF below. 

Alternatively, visit the following website: