Teacher Training Opportunities 2023-24

Do you want a career that makes a difference?

Training as a teacher with Saffron Walden County High School might be the exciting and rewarding career you have been looking for.

Saffron Walden County High School is fortunate to have Saffron Teaching School Hub as part of its organisation. There are 87 Teaching School Hubs across the country who have been specially selected by the Department for Education to lead teacher training and development at all stages of a teacher’s career. Saffron Teaching School Hub is based at Saffron Walden County High School and the two organisations work closely together on training and development.

Saffron Walden County High School is committed to working in collaboration with Saffron Teaching School Hub to deliver high quality teacher training programmes to ensure trainee teachers have an excellent training experience and go on to work in our local schools.

Saffron Teaching School Hub is a Lead Partner for two local Initial Teaching Training accredited providers - Cambridge Teaching School Network (CTSN SCITT, incorporating Essex Primary SCITT) and West Essex SCITT. We work with our accredited providers to deliver high quality teacher training placements in our local area. 

Saffron Teaching School Hub, as a Lead Partner in ITT in both primary and secondary routes, offers school-led, research-engaged teacher training in a range of training venues across Essex and Cambridgeshire.

If you choose to train with Saffron Teaching School Hub as a Lead Partner in ITT, we will introduce you to a network of training and support that might well continue way beyond your initial teacher training year.

Saffron Teaching School Hub offers a range of training routes from fee-paying QTS only, QTS and PGCE routes, part-time training routes in both primary and secondary and salaried routes in some routes. Please contact us if you want to learn more.

Further details on the training routes offered by Saffron Teaching School as a Lead Partner with our two accredited Initial Teacher Training Providers can be found on Saffron’s Teaching School Hub’s website HERE.


All applications for teacher training happen through the DfE Apply service https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-teacher-training

On DfE Apply, you can search for Saffron Teaching School Hub as a Lead Partner and apply for teacher training places in either Primary or Secondary routes through our two accredited providers:

  • Saffron Teaching School HubCambridge Training Schools Network (CTSN SCITT, incorporating Essex Primary SCITT)
  • Saffron Teaching School Hub - West Essex SCITT

Applications are open from 10 October 2023 for the academic year 2024-25.

Once you register on the DfE Apply website, you can search by Saffron Teaching School Hub, route, course and then subject. You will get course/routes at this point to help refine your search.

We find the best way to support candidates applying is to talk to them directly and find out their unique circumstances. Please contact Kerrie McGivern at Saffron Teaching School Hub kerriemcgivern@saffron.academy to arrange a phone conversation/meeting to discuss your situation.

You can also find out more information about our accredited providers on their websites.


Saffron Teaching School Hub, West Essex SCITT and CTSN SCITT are committed to equality of opportunity for all and actively oppose all forms of discrimination. We have the responsibility to ensure that trainees have the health and capacity to train to teach and will not put children and young people at risk of harm, whilst meeting the expectations of the Equality Act 2010 in the relation to the offer of reasonable adjustments See HERE for possible reasonable adjustments.

fURTHER Support with your application


The Department for Education has some excellent support on training to be a teacher. Visit their website HERE for further information on:

  • How to become a teacher HERE
  • Funding your training HERE
  • Non-UK Teachers HERE
  • Teacher pay and benefits HERE
  • Book a 1:1 meeting with a Teacher Training Advisor HERE


You will need to complete a personal statement telling us why you want to be a teacher and why you have chosen your subject or route. You will need to demonstrate to us that you are aware of the role and demands of the teacher and show us you are enthusiastic about teaching and learning. Referring to any in-school experience is vital in this part of the application. This could refer to your role in a school or any work placement or relevant work experience. 

You will need the name and contact details of two references. They can be academic or professional references. Make sure you have contacted your referees in advance to ensure they are ready to respond quickly to any reference requests, as otherwise this could hold up your application.


In-school experience is always on offer within our wide-ranging network of partnership schools. Please contact Kerrie McGivern kerriemcgivern@saffron.academy for further information on how we could support you in finding some in-school experience both at Primary and Secondary level. 

  • School Experience with West Essex SCITT HERE
  • School Experience with CTSN SCITT HERE
  • School Experience at Saffron Walden County High School HERE


If you want to teach in a subject but require additional subject knowledge support, then a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course (SKE) might be for you. These are available for some subjects free of charge when registered on an ITT course.

An EQUIVALENCY SKE can support trainees who need additional subject development and are free for some subjects. To research this further, visit https://www.gov.uk/guidance/subject-knowledge-enhancement-an-introduction


UK ENIC verification is required for all overseas degree and GCSE equivalent qualifications. You can check your overseas qualifications at the UK ENIC website.


Student Loans Company LINK HERE