Supporting your Goals


Progression is the word we use at SWCHS Sixth Form to describe the transition from Year 12 to Year 13, and then beyond. It is the short hand for the process of support, cajoling and guidance that we give here.

Preparing for Higher Education

Our extensive Progression programme helps students prepare for university. This is introduced to students initially throughout Year 12, but is delivered in earnest in the summer term. All students are invited to attend a UCAS convention to explore all the courses potentially available. Students will receive input from both external specialists as well as teachers and Tutors in order to make the most competitive application. We also run an Information Evening for parents to explain the UCAS process in more detail.


Usually 80% of our students proceed directly into Higher Education, or follow a gap year. Popular university destinations include Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds and Nottingham Trent. Each year, we have a sizeable cohort of Early Applicants for Oxbridge and Medical schools; in the last three years, approximately half of these applicants received offers.


Employment Options

During Year 12, all students have the opportunity to create a CV, attend an employment interview and arrange Work Shadowing placements. Students can participate in a 'Fit for Work' programme, run by Barclays and StudyFlex, to develop their employment skills.


Throughout Year 13, students seeking employment receive regular and individual support in researching employment options, building CVs and personal profiles, and preparing for interviews. Our independent careers advisor supports students in pursuing options after SWCHS. Recent student destinations include Harrods, Grant Thornton and Deloitte.  



Destination refers to where students will be in the first year after leaving school: apprenticeship, employment, gap year,  or higher education (university).  Of course, the presumption is that all students will be eventually employed.

2019 was another outstanding year for UCAS applications at SWCHS. 236 students applied to university with 35% of them choosing to study at Russell Group universities – twice the national average. Additionally, ten students will now be studying at either Oxford, Cambridge or medical school. Our most popular university is Leeds, closely followed by Durham and Exeter University.


We also continue to see a growing number of students seeking apprenticeships and employment. In recent years, students have gone on to work for a wide range of employers including PwC, Deloitte, Harrods, Addenbrooke’s and the Police. These students also receive specific and personal support both from our tutors and our independent careers advisor. A number of students will also be enjoying a gap year before applying to university or employment. We continue to support these students as we want to help them with the next stage of their lives