Subject Information



SWCHS aims to provide a personalised curriculum that allows all students to fulfil their personal and academic potential, and provides students with the best possible progression opportunities. The curriculum (including extra-curricular provision) at SWCHS aims to allow all of our students to acquire deep knowledge and understanding across a broad range of subjects, and to develop transferable learning skills and positive character traits by:

  • Providing an engaging curriculum that inspires a love of learning;
  • Providing a broad curriculum that promotes across a wide range of subjects deep subject knowledge and the ability to engage critically with each subject;
  • Learning across the curriculum that supports the development of lively, enquiring and agile minds, and fosters intellectual curiosity and the ability to question rationally;
  • Helping students to understand the world in which they live and how to navigate through it as active, engaged and responsible participants in society;
  • Building cultural capital and broadening personal horizons through curriculum provision and a planned and inclusive extra-curricular entitlement that provides challenge and memorable, enriching experiences with access for all;
  • Enabling students to recognise, develop and to use effective and transferrable skills (including literacy, numeracy, IT and the school’s “SkillsBuilder” work-related skills) that foster character development and promote ‘intrapreneurial’ contributions within school and beyond. 
  • Developing a strong moral compass through the provision of learning with SMSC at its heart