Student Bodies

There are lots of ways you can get involved in the Sixth Form, but the best way is to join a student group. The main groups are listed below. If students are interested in joining one of these groups, recruitment takes place at the end of September. If however, students do not want to join one of the main student bodies, there are lots of other ways to get involved. They will need to look out for notices in the Sixth Form Bulletin and notice boards, or ask Mrs Smith for a form.

Sixth Form Committee -  Organisers

The Sixth Form Committee does fantastic work for the school. At Christmas, we organise Charities Week, hosting 15 great events at 4 large venues.  In December, we run the Senior Citizens’ Party which is the highlight of the year for our 120 guests and definitely one of our favourite occasions as well.  But you don't have to be on the Committee to organise a Sixth Form event.  Many students run other events, such as setting up band nights. If you want help in organising an event—come and talk to us.

Student Union - Political Affairs

The Student Union meets weekly to discuss Sixth Form issues and suggest improvements to our academic and social lives. Union Reps pass on student views to teachers, who consider and respond to them. Joining the Union means engaging with what it is to belong to the Sixth Form and focusing on how to make it better. In short, it helps you all get the most out of our time here.  

Student Council-  Teaching and Learning

The Student Council is a team of around 15 students who take an active part in involving Sixth Form students in academic affairs and decision making. This year, the Student Council has been involved in setting up the ‘Student Review’, a half-termly newsletter sharing students’ views on effective teaching. They have also created a series of tutor time activities using TedTalks, and have launched a set of initiatives to help Year 11 students make informed decisions about post-16 subject choices.