SEND Information

Learning Support is additional support to assist students who might otherwise be unable to access a programme of study or who, by reason of their learning difficulty or disability, may require specialist support beyond that normally provided by the Sixth Form.

What Support Is On Offer?

In Sixth Form, the Learning Support department offers one-to-one tuition sessions on study skills and exam writing techniques. The department also offers flexible in-class support where applicable. Sixth Form students will also have access to the global interventions offered by the Learning Support department, such as our lunchtime drop-in sessions to gain support strategies for stress or anxiety. Specific support for students will also be tailored to need.

Exam access arrangements will also be made available for students who require them. Exam access arrangements expire at the end of each Key Stage, and also with a change of institution.

Students who have had exam access arrangements from previous institutions, or have had exam access arrangements in the Lower School at SWCHS, should make this known to their Tutor as soon as possible when they start in Year 12.

Newcomers to the Sixth Form with exam access arrangements should bring the following with them when they arrive at SWCHS, to give to their Tutor:

  • Copy of their previous application for exam access arrangements from their old school
  • Up-to-date ‘Form 8’

The Tutor and student will then notify Learning Support of the student’s request for exam access arrangements.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our SENCO, Mr Heath -