Progression and Destinations

Preparing for Higher Education or Employment

We offer an extensive Progression programme to help our students prepare for university or work. One of the main aspects of the Personal Tutor’s role is to advise and help students build a profile, help with a CV or to draft a Personal Statement for a university application (via UCAS).  Parents are also invited to attend our ‘Progression evening’, so we can help them to support their son/daughter in their next steps.

“SWCHS Sixth Form has an amazing atmosphere – although there’s obviously an emphasis on the future and what we plan to do after SWCHS, the tutors are interested in us as individuals.” Alice Cattley, Year 13

University Applications

We offer an extensive Progression programme to help our students prepare for university. All students are invited to attend a leading university to help them decide which route suits them. Students applying to university also receive lectures from specialist speakers, to help them prepare their Personal Statements. We run a session for parents to explain the UCAS process in more detail.

We have a very high conversion rate of applications to University acceptances; each year many students are admitted to universities with a high reputation. In Summer 2015, 84% of our students applied to university and 75% of them gained their first choice place. This year, 53% of our students were accepted to Russell Group universities – this is twice the national average. On average, students received four out of a possible five offers. Additionally, 30 students have received unconditional offers. Our most popular university destinations include Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds and Nottingham Trent.

Each year, we have a sizeable cohort of Early Applicants for Oxbridge and Medical schools; in the last three years, 56% of these applicants have received offers. This year, all of our medical applicants received offers.  We offer extensive guidance to these students throughout Year 12 and 13 (for further details, please see the UCAS page of this website).

“SWCHS couldn’t have been more supportive throughout the application process. From advice on colleges to Personal Statements to interviews, they were there for me every step of the way. The relentless effort they give to each early application is so inspiring – I can’t imagine any other Sixth Form is so dedicated.”

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Employment Options

During Year 12, we also offer the opportunity for all students to create a CV, attend an employment interview and arrange Work Shadowing placements. During Progression, students seeking employment after SWCHS have the opportunity participate in a ‘Fit for Work’ programme, run by Barclays and StudyFlex, to develop their skills for future employment.

Throughout Year 13, students seeking employment will receive regular and individual support in researching and selecting employment options, in building CVs and personal profiles, as well as providing interview preparation. We also work with an independent careers advisor, to ensure our students are well supported in seeking all their options after SWCHS. Recent employers include Harrods, Grant Thornton and Deloitte.

“The support I received for seeking employment was massive. From advice on what to wear, how to present myself, completing the application, tips on how stand out and how to come across in interview was all included. All the staff were always there whenever I needed them and gave up their time to help me. I am very grateful!”