Our Aims, Ethos and Values

The mission of Saffron Walden County High School is to be 'a local school of exceptional quality', what this means in practice is that we constantly strive to provide the highest quality education to young people in the Saffron Walden area.  It is the kind of quality that is demonstrated by outstanding achievement at all levels, high expectations of behaviour, excellent teaching and learning and a broad and rich curriculum.

Our Aims as a school are to: 

  • Ensure all students make excellent progress and attain their full academic potential.
  • Deliver excellent teaching of subject knowledge and develop the learning skills, habits and attitudes necessary to enable students to value, enjoy and further their learning.
  • Promote the outstanding personal and cultural development of all students through a rich and varied programme including trips, extra-curricular activities and community engagement. 
  • Maintain a secure and caring community which encourages academic ambition alongside respect and responsibility for all.
  • Provide students with facilities that encourage great learning, whilst being aware of the school community’s responsibility for its impact on the wider environment. 
  • Be motivational leaders of education at a school, regional and national level, inspiring all to achieve high standards, to be personally ambitious and mindful of well-being.

Ethos, Values and Expectations 

When parents choose a school for their children they are looking for a match between their values and those of the school.  Our ethos at County High ensures our success and we know that when parents and carers share our values and expectations that their children will get the most out of the school.

The staff and governors at SWCHS place the highest emphasis on two equally important aspects of school provision: the expert delivery of a curriculum that will enable students to achieve highly and the pastoral support that creates the right conditions for each and every child to make great progress both in their learning and their character development.

We make no apologies for aiming high.  Our staff will seek to support and challenge all students to achieve all they are capable of.  In this way we expect the majority of children to achieve university entrance standards with many achieving places at the most prestigious universities.

At the heart of the school is an understanding of the central importance of inspiring teaching.  As the lead school in a Teaching School Hub, we are at the cutting edge of teaching and learning approaches which are informed by robust research.  Our staff place great value on their own academic expertise and are continually seeking to improve classroom practice.

Achieving all that a student is capable of depends on clear boundaries and a framework of discipline, respect for others and willing co-operation.  All students, parents, carers and staff share the responsibility to ensure that the students:

  • Work hard to achieve their full academic potential. 
  • Respond to the many opportunities offered by the school both in and beyond the classroom. 
  • Respect fellow students and staff. 
  • Attend regularly, except when ill. 
  • Complete homework and classwork by set deadlines. 
  • Comply with instructions from staff. 
  • When at fault, accept correction without argument. 
  • Wear uniform as intended.
  • Seek to achieve all they are capable of.