Modern Foreign Languages

Mr M Snaith - Languages Area Coordinator
Mrs A Schwiening - Languages Curriculum Assistant

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In today's global economy, companies dealing with international markets are increasingly demanding better language skills of their workforce. Therefore, learning a Modern Foreign Language is a skill for life, which will undoubtedly enhance both communication skills and employment prospects. The European dimension is brought ever closer through the range of trips and visits offered by members of our team, including trips to France, Germany and Spain. Many of the skills taught will help students to gain an insight into other countries and cultures as well as improving their own literacy skills by learning the techniques required to access and understand a foreign language. We hope you will have lots of fun!


 Aims and expectations:

  • To develop pupils’ ability to understand and communicate effectively in the foreign language.
  •  To develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the grammar of the language, and the ability to apply it.
  •  To develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of countries and communities where the foreign language is spoken.
  •  To develop positive attitudes to language learning and to speakers of foreign languages and a positive approach to other cultures and civilisations.