Mr J Dunning - Joint Area Coordinator of Maths
Mr W Scheilling - Joint Area Coordinator of Maths
Mrs S Gardner - Maths Curriculum Assistant


Our aim is to make mathematics an enjoyable, exciting and empowering experience for all pupils. We want all students to improve their thinking skills by developing their mathematical abilities. We further aim to:

  • build on their experiences at primary school level and enable them to leave as confidently numerate individuals capable of working logically within difficult and abstract concepts.
  • promote high quality teaching and learning, resulting in high expectations and the production of excellent examination results.
  • foster pupils' perseverance and resourcefulness in solving problems, and to develop their ability to think logically yet creatively.
  • develop a positive, “can do” approach to mathematics and problems in general.

Here is a list of great websites that you will find very useful when doing homework/revising.

Key Stage 3 and 4 

Please see our curriculum maps for a breakdown of what is studied in each year group - Click here to view Curriculum Maps

All students have an account with HegartyMaths which can be used for homework, revision and catching up with missed classwork.

For each topic, there is a supporting instructional video and a series of questions which give students instant feedback.

If students forget their password, they should send a message to their class teacher.

Corbett Maths (no login/password required)
This is a free website with instructional videos and textbook exercises for each topic.

It also has a series of ‘5-a-day’ questions which are helpful for Key Stage 4 students wanting to prepare for tests and exams.

Dr Frost Maths
This is a free website with helpful collections of ‘full coverage’ worksheets which collect every type of question that has ever been set in the GCSEs and arrange them by topic.

Maths Genie
This free website has a well-organised collection of EdExcel GCSE past papers, along with mark scheme, student-friendly worked solutions and videos talking through each paper.

Key Stage 5

All students are given access to the school’s online collection of revision resources.

Other helpful sources of revision material include

Dr Frost Maths
This free website has instructional materials and collections of exam questions by topic, as well as a range of resources to help students prepare for STEP, MAT and Olympiad papers.

If you wish to purchase mathematics equipment (geometry sets, calculators etc), please follow the link here.