Key Stage 4

At SWCHS we pride ourselves on the large number of students that opt to take GCSE Drama. It is a three year course which combines practical performance with a comprehensive introduction to theatre. Students work collaboratively and find the course invaluable in developing their confidence, creativity and communication skills - as well as preparing them for A level Drama!

The WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1) in Drama is an exciting, creative and practical course. During the three year GCSE, students will have the opportunity to create a number of performances either as an actor or a designer, as well as practically exploring new texts and genres. Students also have the opportunity to see a wide range of live theatre. 

At GCSE, students will follow the Eduqas specification. The structure of the GCSE course is as follows:

Component 1 – 40%

Students are assessed on their practical and written skills for Component 1, as they create a devised practical performance based on a theme, linked with a practitioner or a genre. Following the performance, students will complete a written account of the practical work, which details the decisions they made during the rehearsal process, as well as a written evaluation of their final performance. Students can choose to be assessed on a theatre design skill rather than acting. This is internally assessed and externally moderated.

Component 2 – 20%

Students perform two scenes from a published play. Students can select to be assessed on a theatre design skill rather than acting. A visiting examiner externally assesses this unit in March/April.

Component 3 – 40%

Students will sit a 1.5 hour written examination and will be assessed on their ability to analyse one set text as an actor, designer and director and to evaluate a piece of live theatre seen during the course. This is externally assessed in June.

In year 9, Drama is a skills-based foundation year where students develop the skills needed for each of the three examined components listed above.

Students will complete their Component 1 in Year 10, and Components 2 and 3 in Year 11.