Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is essentially practical in nature and designed to deliver an engaging and educational programme stretching over two years. Students receive two lessons per fortnight. In year 7, they are taught in form groups, moving to mixed ability classes in year 8.

Each year will work through a selection of the topics detailed below and these incorporate elements of performance, composition in small groups and appraisal activities. It is not a pre-requisite to have lessons on an instrument to gain most from KS3 music, though students that have individual lessons are encouraged to bring their instruments into lessons as appropriate.

Year 7

Pulse Rhythm and Metre

Pentatonic Music

Pavan and Galliard


African Drumming


Year 8

Jazz and Blues

Hooks and Riffs

Four Chord Covers – Song Writing

Film Music

Latin American Music


Year 9

Students taking Music as an option in our Year 9 Hybrid year follow a skills-based foundation year where students develop the skills of Music performance and analysis.  

Year 9 Music will broaden musical experience and interests, it will develop imagination and embrace creativity. We also look to developing self-confidence and communication skills.

Musicians will enjoy activities based around:

Performing: as soloists and in class ensembles, we will perform music from a variety of styles and genres. 

Composing: using a combination of practical and software based activities, we will develop a toolkit to be able to create our own musical ideas.

Listening to and understanding how Music is created: we will begin to develop analysis and evaluation skills - the core musical elements will be at the centre of study.