Key Stage 3

Studying Latin presents students with a unique opportunity to delve into the language, literature, history and myths of Ancient Rome and its empire. At KS3 students learn to translate and write Latin, which develops a sophisticated understanding of grammar and vocabulary. This gives students an excellent insight into the structure and vocabulary of other languages such as English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Latin appeals to a broad range of students, offering a unique mixture of logical coded language, fascinating culture and history, and literature that reaches across time.

Students can begin studying Latin in Year 8 in an after school lesson once a week. This is an essential foundation year for GCSE Latin. We follow the very popular Cambridge Latin Course. The course brings alive the Roman world through fun and engaging stories about real Romans living in Pompeii. Alongside their linguistic studies, students explore many aspects of Roman culture, from daily life in Pompeii and the theatre to slavery and the Roman Underworld. We also take a trip to the Museum of London, where students see first-hand the Roman influence on life in Britain and are able to handle authentic artefacts from Roman London!

The Cambridge Latin Course textbook is supported by an excellent free website, which gives access to the stories studied and offers engaging activities to practise grammar and vocabulary, an online dictionary and links to websites exploring Roman culture.

So come meet Caecilius and his family in Pompeii in the run up to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius!