Health & Social Care

Miss C Miller - Social Sciences Area Coordinator
Miss M Doe - Head of Health & Social Care
Mrs D Last - Social Sciences Curriculum Assistant

Cambridge National Certificate in Health and Social Care (Levels 1 and 2)

This qualification is a GCSE equivalent, taught over three years. There are five lessons each fortnight and there are four units, one external exam which is one hour long and three pieces of coursework completed in class under controlled conditions. This means writing under exam conditions. You must plan and research each individual task yourself. You will have homework and class exercises to support your research and help you to prepare for the assessed task. You need to be a good listener, you need enthusiasm for the subject and an interest in people and their welfare. You must be able to follow instructions promptly and accurately and you must be able to manage your own learning and not be easily distracted. This could take you on to A level subjects in the sixth form or vocational courses at CRC. It could also lead to an apprenticeship. Alternatively, you might just enjoy learning about people and continue with other interests after GCSEs.

Year 9 is a foundation year where you will study the effects of people’s life style on their physical, intellectual, emotional and social health and development. You will be introduced to a range of health, social care and early years settings, learn the key terms and develop the skills necessary to be successful in working independently to complete the coursework and carry out assessment activities in Years 10 and 11. You will learn about:

  • care values
  • healthy lifestyles
  • elderly care
  • disability
  • job roles

Year 10 is when you will start the coursework. You will complete two units. The first unit will provide you with the underpinning knowledge and understanding of how to communicate effectively and which personal qualities will contribute to the creation of a caring environment when working with individuals in a health, social care and early years setting. You will be assessed on your communication skills.

In the second unit you will investigate development through the different life stages, study the factors affecting development and the key events in each stage. You will also study how living with a long-term condition affects progress through the life stages of an individual. Your assessment will be to write a support plan for an individual. 

Year 11 is exam year. You will first complete the last piece of coursework looking at how to prepare creative activities for clients in different settings to encourage participation and enjoyment and support appropriate development. You will plan and carry out an activity for your assessment. The exam focuses on the rights of individuals and the values of care to be used when working in a health, social care or early years environment. All good practice is based on these values and enables those who work in care settings to provide high quality care.