Dr R Mills - Humanities Area Coordinator
Miss S Makepeace - Head of Geography
Mrs L Kavanagh/Mrs S Thrower - Humanities Curriculum Assistant

The study of Geography at SWCHS promotes a sense of awe and wonder about the physical and human world. Our Geography curriculum provides students with the tools required to 'think like Geographers'  and one where students are encouraged to consider global issues from a range of perspectives.  Students will consider the physical and human influences that shape our world as well as developing the skills needed to study geography at GCSE and higher as well as the skills used in many different careers.

Students will study an exciting and varied Key Stage 3 curriculum where they will expand on their growing knowledge, whilst preparing themselves for GCSE Geography. At SWCHS we want our Geographers to be critical thinkers and therefore aim to provide them with the means to question and debate the knowledge that they are taught.

Beyond this, the department follow the AQA Geography specification for both GCSE and A Level as it reflects our passion for the subject and the interrelations between the human and physical world.