GCSE Edexcel Design & Technology - Timbers & metals

This course is based around the new Design & Technology specification which covers a range of materials areas. Our students are able to opt for either a ‘Metals or ‘Timbers’ based pathway where they work predominantly in this material area, and then encompass a broader range of materials. The students will learn about the properties of each material as well as the relevant hand and machine processes.  The use of CAD packages is encouraged and used in conjunction with CNC machines such as the CNC Router and Laser Cutter to give students industrial experience. There is a good balance between theory and practical lessons, which deliver a relevant curriculum that is up to date, stimulating and interesting. We aim to produce good quality well made products which students show pride in. We encourage students to express themselves creatively and work autonomously, actively seeking solutions to design problems using their own ingenuity.