Miss R Jermy - English Area Coordinator
Mrs S Fairall - English Curriculum Assistant

English at SWCHS gives students the opportunity to develop in three key areas: reading, writing and speaking and listening. We are passionate about the subject of English and our aim is to make students confident in their approach to the subject. Through reading a wide range of texts from different cultures and literary traditions, we hope that students will learn more about the world around them and have the confidence to question and to think independently. Through a variety of approaches to writing, we want students to become assured users of language – able to communicate with maturity and flair in different contexts. Through speaking and listening we seek to teach students to make the most of their voice, giving them a platform to share their views and ideas both in informal discussion and more formal presentation activities.

We want students to enjoy English and have the opportunity to be creative. By developing a range of new skills at Key Stage 3 we hope they will feel prepared for the rigour of the GCSE course and potential further study of Literature and Language.