Dance clubs

Sue Raven Dance Club Year 7 & 8

Sue Raven is a former professional Dancer who now runs her own local Performing Arts school- ‘Pure Rhythm.’ Sue teaches in many of the local primary schools and has taught Dance at SWCHS for many years, notably becoming involved in the choreography for the musicals at SWCHS. Sue’s dance club encourages students from all abilities to participate and focusses predominately on Jazz dance. The sessions are a lively, energetic and fun way to develop well rounded dance skills. There is a strong focus on learning a routine each term, gaining an understanding of performance and technicality whilst having fun!

Sue’s club will be on Thursday evenings from 3.30-4.30pm in the Dance studio. The first session will be on Thursday 15th September 2022. 

As this club is run by external professionals it does not come under the ‘Extra-Curricular Club Card’ Scheme and therefore will cost £6 per session.  


Step-into-Dance Clubs- Years 9,10 & 11

The Step-into-Dance programme is run by the Royal Academy of Dance and partly funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation, which means we are able to offer these clubs at an excellent rate with an external professional.

The Step-into-Dance club runs after school on a Tuesday from 3.30-5.00pm and will be open to anyone in Years 9, 10 & 11 who are interested in and enjoys Dance. 

The cost of the sessions will be £25 for the school year.  This covers the cost of the programme.

*Please note there might be additional costs for transport later in the year in order for both groups to enter the dance platform for StepLive.

The sessions will start the on Tuesday 27th September 2022 in the dance studio.  If your child would like to attend, please complete the slip in the letter and make the payment via Wisepay.  This is not yet available on Wisepay.  

As this club is run by external professionals it does not come under the ‘Extra-Curricular Club Card’ Scheme and will charged separately.