Crocus Wellbeing

The Pastoral Hub (B16)

The Pastoral Hub in B16 is part of Crocus Wellbeing at SWCHS. The Pastoral Hub’s core function is to support the academic reintegration of pupils back into the school whilst offering a calm environment for them to work. Pupils are able to express their feelings without judgement and they can also access key wellbeing support mechanisms from the Learning and Recovery staff who run the Pastoral Hub on a daily basis. Short-term therapeutic interventions are available for Years 7 – 13 and referrals can be made for the Pastoral Hub through the Year office.

‘B16 allows you to get the work done in a calmer and what feels like a safer environment.’ 

‘It gives me the opportunity to withdraw myself from a situation when I feel in a position of bad wellbeing.’ 

‘It is a space to relax and calm down.’ 

‘If I become upset or things become too much then it’s a safe place I know can help me.’ 

‘It really helps me to get some head space and take some quieter time away from lessons, which benefits my mental health.’ 

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The Sims Wellbeing Shed

The Sims’ Wellbeing Shed is an exciting new resource situated on the school field next to the cricket pavilion. The Shed is a unique space which allows pupils to access a wide-range of specialised services including; Individual Counselling services, Wellbeing Coaching & Group Wellbeing courses, as well as additional specialised courses on demand. Details on how to access these services are below.



Counselling is available to all SWCHS pupils: we have one full-time and two part-time counsellors.

You can access the following types: 

  • 1 to 1 sessions (through self-referral . a referral from year offices/ Pastoral SLT only)

  • Lunch time drop-in counselling (13.10-13.50 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every week) 

  • Single Session Therapy (SST) (through a referral from year offices/ Pastoral SLT only)

  • Sixth form only drop-in on Wednesday week 2 periods 5 and 6.   

1-1 Wellbeing Coaching sessions

Wellbeing Coaching is solution focused and involves 6 sessions, which provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space to explore your potential and strengths. It helps to build confidence in finding your own solutions and make changes through small manageable steps.  Access to these sessions can be obtained through the year office.

Wellbeing Group Courses

These courses take place for 1 hour per week during the school day (lesson time) for between 6-8 weeks, depending on the course. 

8 week Mindfulness Course This course will help you to understand how your mind works and provide you with lots of tools on how you can train yourself to reduce worry and overthinking. This course also includes meditation practices. 

week Understanding and Exploring Perfectionism Course This course will help anyone who struggles with having to do things perfectly. If you feel that nothing you do is ever 'good enough' this course can help you to understand and explore why and how small changes can help make your life more manageable. 

6 week Wellbeing Toolkit Course 

This course explores mental health and how you can look after your own mental health and/or support others. 

Access to all of these courses and more, can be obtained through the year office.