Careers Opportunities

Welcome to our Careers Opportunities page.  If you are thinking about your future and wondering what job or apprenticeships are available to you, this is an excellent place to start your research.  Here you will find the following information:

1) What Careers Support does SWCHS offer?

Careers Apps – is part of the progression journey for Y13 commencing in the Autumn Term, preparing students for what comes next.  Also an online ‘Team’ providing targeted weekly updates, careers advice, job and apprenticeship opportunities and support. We inform and run sessions for parents throughout the year too.

  •  Fortnightly support sessions – this will focus on interview preparation, application guidance, CV support and effective job / apprenticeship research. We also run our “Broadening Horizons Industry Insights” which looks to educate students on the breadth of job roles/careers available across industries. 
  • A Marketing elective will start in September 2022 covering all aspects of agency marketing, from creatives/photography to data and HR and everything else in between
  • Ongoing support from Ms Bertie & Dr Toogood our Employability Experts in the Sixth Form Collegiate, will help you prepare for interviews, submit applications, explore employment and apprenticeship opportunities. Available to both year groups

Individual and group careers guidance discussions provided by our external partner ‘Form the Future’ looking at preferences, areas of strength and development and application of skills when choosing a career path. Available to both year groups.

National Apprenticeship Week – a timetable of workshops, insights, skills sessions and open evenings in liaison with local employers, colleges and training providers. Informs students of options available to them from Level 3 to Degree level Apprenticeships, Available to both year groups.

Sector specific mentors – support from members of staff who have worked in different areas, e.g finance, fashion, retail, physio, electronics, marketing, drama etc. Available to both year groups.

Mock Interview – Y12 students get to interview with The Rotary Club (in early March) using the CV produced in Life Lessons in the Autumn Term.

Work Experience – a week at end June/beginning of July to help improve skills, experience and employability for Y12 students.

InvestIN – a partner organisation that offers free and paid-for industry insights and internships as well as employability skills building.  Available to both year groups

2) Where do students go?

Students at SWCHS have successfully secured apprenticeships in the following:-

 JP Morgan – Investment Banking  (higher level apprenticeship)
 Morgan Stanley – Investment Banking (higher level apprenticeship)
 WSP Civil Engineering (degree level apprenticeship)
 Grant ThorntonProfessional Services/Accountancy (degree level apprenticeship)
 AlstomGlobal Transportation – Project Management (degree level apprenticeship)
 NHS – Occupational Therapy (higher level apprenticeship), nuclear medicine (degree level apprenticeship) 
 BBC – Digital Marketing (degree level apprenticeship)
 Ernst & Young – Professional Services / Accountancy (degree level apprenticeship)
 HSA – Chartered Accountants (higher level apprenticeship)
 Cambridge Regional College – Business with Law, Beauty and Hairdressing apprenticeships (Intermediate/advanced level apprenticeships)
 Local gardening companies (advanced level apprenticeships)

Careers online links

Barclays LifeSkills have supported SWCHS for a number of years and provide outstanding support and guidance for young people and parents.

An incredible service offered to young people who are creating their CV or personal statement, to finding courses, apprenticeships, work experience and employment.

Offering personalised, one to one support when choosing or changing a career.

Guiding students to make the right careers choice from hundreds of online profiles from a wide selection of jobs.

The national apprenticeships provider. An incredible way of searching for the right apprenticeship and guidance and support in how to do so.

Students can easily find and apply for every course and apprenticeship in the UK – everything from university courses, to School Leaver Programmes, to Open Online Courses.

SWCHS Careers Twitter Feed  (@swchs_careers) – this will be updated frequently with the best apprentice /careers opportunities that come in to us, so keep checking..