CTEC Business & HPQ - level 2

Cambridge Technicals Level 2 Diploma & Higher Project Qualification

This is a one-year route designed to enable students to retake their GCSEs in English, Maths or both, and to gain a Diploma in Business and the Higher Project Qualification. The Diploma in Business is assessed completely by coursework assignments and gives students an overview of the world of business. The Higher Project Qualification provides students with an opportunity to independently research and produce a project of their choice. This means they can research and develop skills in an area of their own personal interest.

Subject requirements:

Minimum of 5 subjects with an average GCSE score of 3

Teacher contact - Mrs M Boulton
Social Sciences Area Coordinator - Ms C Miller
Social Sciences Area Curriculum Assistant - Mrs D Last

Course Content

  • Business Purposes
  • Business Organisations
  • Financial Forecasting
  • People in Organisations
  • Marketing Plan
  • Verbal/Non-verbal Communication
  • Customer Service

A compulsory one-week work experience will back up and enhance classroom learning. Students have their own room, computers and other resources and quickly develop strong relationships with teachers and other students on the course. Coursework feedback is given throughout, to update students on their progress. This is highly motivating, as are small class sizes that allow for a high degree of personal support from teaching staff. Targets are given to each student and regularly checked to ensure students keep on track.

Assessment Criteria

All units are centre assessed and externally moderated by the exam board. There are no exams. The full award and units from this qualification are graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Exam Board: OCR, Course Code 05326, Higher Project Qualification : AQA

Are you interested in:

  • How companies are organised?
  • How businesses are financed?
  • Recruitment and selection of staff?
  • How to market a product/service?
  • Setting up your own business?

Leading to a career in:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources