CTEC Art and Design - LEVEL 3

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma (Single and Double)

This Diploma introduces students to a wide range of art and design practices and is delivered in a work-related context, to allow students to develop an understanding of the art and design sector. It is a 12-unit Diploma equivalent to two A-Levels.

There is the opportunity for this to be studied as the Subsidiary Diploma, which is equivalent to one A-Level. The course is ideal if students are fully committed to the visual arts and considering progressing within the art and design field, whether in employment or university. Students have their own space within a studio and have access to a wide range of art and design resources. 

The introductory diploma consists of 6 units, the subsidiary diploma consists of 9 units and the Diploma consists of 12 units. Some of the unit themes include 'Fine Art Drawing' Fine Art Printmaking', 'Illustration', 'Ceramics', 'Photography', Developing Ideas and Realising Ideas.

Subject requirements:

Minimum of GCSE 4 in Art and 5 in Graphics/Technology + ONE of EACH of the following from GCSE or personal portfolios (e.g. in Powerpoint presentation, one image per slide): observational drawing; work showing good use of media; research piece on artist or designer; final piece of artwork or design; your favourite, most successful piece of work

Teacher contact - Mrs N Macro

Course Content

Students will experience a wide range of media and approaches, working to briefs for fine art, craft or design outcomes. Students will develop a contextual understanding and research art and design roles to further advance portfolio work. Practical exploration is supported by written work that documents how ideas and understanding have developed. 

Throughout the year, students have an opportunity to make links with practitioners through trips and completing work-related assignments. The second year will allow students to explore more personal themes and develop ideas. Students continue to develop a portfolio and follow a personalised progression programme. 'The introductory diploma consists of 6 units, the subsidiary diploma consists of 9 units and the Diploma consists of 12.

Assessment Criteria

All units are centre assessed and moderated by OCR. The coursework units are graded as Pass, Merit and Distinction. There is no examination. Please note this course is one year only in the first instance. Only upon successful completion of the first year, will students be invited to complete the second-year qualification. The subsidiary diploma and Diploma grading is Pass Pass, Pass Merit, Merit Merit, Distinction Merit, Distinction Distinction, Distinction* Distinction and Distinction* Distinction*

Exam board: 05375600/6151/0

Are you interested in

  • Media and materials?
  • Fine art and print making?
  • 3-D design?
  • Graphics, illustration and design?
  • Artists, galleries, museums?

Leading to a career in:

  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Architecture
  • Fashion
  • Photography

This subject goes well with:

  • Product Design
  • Media Studies
  • Mathematics