Arts (Drama & Music)

Drama and Music are very important in the Sixth Form. We have fantastic facilities and lots of opportunities to get involved in different ways.


Drama is highly regarded in the school, with an impressive production in Saffron Hall each year as well as an Electives studio performance in D3. If you are interested in directing, you can do this in Electives, or you can contribute to a Charities Week show. If you prefer to work behind the scenes or in sound and lighting, you can also take this on as an Elective opportunity.


You can get involved in lots of music-based activities in the Sixth Form. Our school Chamber Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Band perform concerts regularly. There is also an annual music tour that is enormously popular. If you are more of a contemporary music fan, we hold regular Barn Gigs, and you can play or sing in a variety of gigs through the year.