Year 9 Magistrates' mock trial

In the last week of half-term, a group of Year 9 students took part in an in-house Magistrates' Mock Trial; a chance to take on the roles of an actual courtroom. This is usually held in a Magistrates' Court but unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, it was not possible this year.  However, the students showed great resilience, still wanting to meet every week and practise their examinations of witnesses. 

In December 2020, all competing schools were given the same case.  The students worked hard with Miss Bailey and Mr Clark to learn the case and prepare their legal arguments.  All students, from ushers to witnesses, produced an excellent courtroom atmosphere on the day; Mrs Hayes was the presiding judge and ruled in the favour of the defence. This is a phenomenal team to be part of, and they have developed an understanding of the legal system and citizenship."

Please see the report on the trial below written by Samuel J Allan.