Year 7 Cambridge university Ovid Competition

Year 7 English students have been producing videos, animations, artefacts and creative writing for the Classic Tales Ovid Competition run by Cambridge University. 

Students were inspired by their work on The War With Troy and a Latin lesson in which they translated part of the tale ‘Daedalus and Icarus’ written by Ovid.  A range of excellent work has been submitted from across the year group, and four school winners have been chosen with many others being judged ‘Highly Commended.’  These winners will attend a virtual prize-giving ceremony in December, hosted by Cambridge University, where they will enjoy activities linked to Classics and learn how they have fared against entries from schools across the UK. The judging panel includes Caroline Lawrence, the best-selling author of numerous books for children, including the Roman Mysteries and the Roman Quests series. Good luck to our entrants!