SWCHS has recently been awarded a SkillsBuilder Silver Award by the SkillsBuilder Partnership.  The SkillsBuilder Partnership is a not-for-profit organisation that works with schools, colleges and employers to develop the skills that young people need to succeed in education and beyond into employment.  In recent years SWCHS has made significant progress in embedding the development of work-related skills within the curriculum, particularly in Years 7 to 9. 

On giving the award, SkillsBuilder commented: "Congratulations, this is a significant achievement! This puts you in a select group of schools and colleges who have demonstrated a commitment to building students’ essential skills. We hope you will celebrate this achievement with your staff, students and wider community. Congratulations again on this achievement and thanks for being a great partner this year."

Graham Oxborrow, retiring Careers Lead at the school, said: "As part of our careers education curriculum, we have made significant progress in the last couple of years to make our younger students aware of work-related skills, and how they can develop these both within and outside school.  We are delighted to be awarded the SkillsBuilder Silver Award, and as we push our provision into our older year groups we are confident of achieving a coveted Gold Award in the near future".