World Mental Health Day

We were thrilled with the response from students and staff to World Mental Health Day on Friday 8th October 2021.

Our school community embraced the 'bright colours' theme and it was wonderful to see the school filled with colour. Everyone fully participated in the activities. At break time the Wellbeing Team gave out yellow ribbons and stickers to students and at lunch activities were available in D2, B16 and The Wellbeing Shed. The ASU visited B16 with reptiles, which the students loved.

On the field there was music, a raffle and heart lollies, which students could give to their friends with a note saying why they appreciated them. The shed was covered in bright yellow paper and became a huge gratitude wall, where students and staff wrote about something or someone, they were grateful for. The highlight for many staff and students was the group space in the Wellbeing Shed where the ASU set up a petting area with Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. It was so lovely to see students of all ages taking a moment to enjoy the calmness and joy of stroking one of these very cute animals.

Everyone left the room saying how relaxed and happy they felt!

We very much appreciate your donations on the day as this will help to support the continues wellbeing provision at SWCHS.