Sixth Form Virtual Induction

At the end of July, we were due to welcome over 450 students into our Sixth Form. Traditionally Induction Week provides both new and continuing students with an opportunity to try out their subjects to be sure that they have made choices that will allow them every success and happiness during their time with us.  Induction is also a chance for students to form new friendships, adapt to the grown-up relational ethos of our Sixth Form and to experience all that our extra-curricular provision has to offer.

This year we are having to do things differently. Perhaps something good to come out of the global pandemic is the upskilling of all of us in using technology.  A huge effort from the staff and students is currently underway to move Induction online. In conference style, students will receive a personalised timetable containing links to join a series of online lessons delivered via YouTube and Q&A sessions using twitter. You can follow Induction Week using our twitter handle #SWCHSInduction. These lessons are being recorded by subject specialists and are both representative of the quality of lessons in Year 12 and will give you a taster of the content studied. The power of Virtual Induction is that students can try out alternative subjects when all of the links are released on the final day. This should help students to make a really informed choice when choosing their subject combination.

Students will be receiving summer work during their virtual lessons to help with their transition to KS5 study.

Whilst we want students to work hard and enjoy their lessons, our Sixth Form also offers a broad range of wider academic, social and extra-curricular opportunities. To give students an insight into these opportunities, the Sixth Form Collegiate Team has also recorded sessions sharing a flavour of what else our Sixth Form has to offer. These include a tour of the school, meeting the Collegiate Team and a video explaining our extra-curricular provision. The Student Bodies are also busy updating our alternative prospectus and are busy filming subject specific advice sharing their experiences studying their subjects. Our Student Bodies launched Induction a couple of weeks ago with a video sharing their favourite links. This can be viewed here: This video exemplifies the inclusive union that is so special in our school. We look forward to warmly welcoming our new students on 29th June.