Financial Times Praise for Year 12 Student

In an excellent May 2021 article, an economics reporter for the Financial Times, Valentina Romei, explained why house prices have risen in the UK since the Coronavirus Pandemic began, despite the overall recession. 

Head of Economics, Mr Weersing, encouraged Year 12 economists to write a one-page response to Ms Romei explaining why QE has also played a major role in supporting home prices.

The calibre of the responses was phenomenal and one response, written by Year 12 student Melissa, was submitted to the FT as a letter to the editor.  You can imagine how excited Melissa, her peers, and her teachers were to receive a personal response from Ms. Romei. Her email read as follows:

Dear Melissa,

Thank you very much for your contribution, it was very clear and well explained. It’s true that while I wrote about the impact of interest rates on the housing market, I didn’t directly refer to QE.

I congratulate you and your teacher on such a thoughtful and stimulating contribution, I find it truly remarkable.

I hope that my children will find their teachers as inspiring as yours when they reach secondary school and that they will excel as you clearly seem to do.

Kind Regards,


As a follow-up, M. Romei has kindly offered to come speak to our Year 12 and Year 13 economists in September, Covid permitting, which will be another opportunity to bring economics to life for our A-Level students.