Role of the Tutor

Our Personal Tutor system is widely regarded as best Sixth Form practice. Our team of specialist tutors each has four hours a fortnight to support students, in addition to Form Time. They work with students throughout the year, building professional working relationships. Tutors also communicate with teachers and parents where appropriate, to ensure they are able to fully support the student.

The Tutor's Role

“Our Sixth Form is a big and a busy place. The Sixth Form Tutor is the one person who has a clear overview of your personal and academic progress. Thanks to email, progress checks and our e-Tutor system, subject staff can inform the Tutor of any concerns they have, and the Tutor can see if these difficulties are confined to one subject, or occurring across other subjects. Tutors can then offer guidance to support a student in developing appropriate study skills. If a student is struggling, it could be they just need help with time management and organisation, or a meeting with subject staff and parents may be needed to plan a way forward. Prior to exams, Tutors help with exam and revision techniques.

It's not all about academic success. We understand that life can be difficult at times and Tutors are always willing to listen, support and advise when students need someone to turn to. We offer objective, non-judgemental and empathetic guidance, either to manage decisions and choices or suggest experts who can help. Progression from the Sixth Form is really important. Sixth Form Tutors play a vital role in helping students with UCAS and employment applications, or giving advice on gap year opportunities.

Most importantly, students know their Tutor is the person they can turn to for help with both academic and personal decisions. Tutors treat each person as an individual, mentoring and supporting them to take the next step. Their priority is your wellbeing and nothing is too difficult to face together.  I love being a Sixth Form Tutor; it is one of the best jobs in the world, helping young people to become independent.” Hannah Copley, Sixth Form Tutor

From a Student

“SWCHS is a fantastic school with many amazing opportunities. I was certain I wanted to progress from Lower School to the Sixth Form, and was already familiar with how the school support system operates. However, I didn't truly value this support until Year 12, when I met up with my Tutor regularly during form time, or via email, whenever I needed advice, support or just time to talk.

In Sixth Form, there is a precious sense of belonging to a community. The relationship with your teachers is both personal and constructive; you feel free to contact them about anything that concerns you, big or small. This is especially important when joining Sixth Form, as the step from GCSEs to A-Levels is exciting but also challenging. It is easy to get overwhelmed at first, and this is where the excellent tutorial system steps into play. Support from your Tutor ensures that whilst your independence is growing, you also feel centred, focused and able to enjoy your subjects. During Year 12 I learned the importance of tutorials; I loved my subjects, which helped me succeed academically, but at first I was unsure of my end goal. My Tutor helped, by providing me with support in the various options I was considering. I was guided towards relevant information, so I knew the decision I was making was right for me. The Tutors are very experienced in helping students. Whatever your next step happens to be, such as university, a job or an apprenticeship, they will help you to achieve that goal.”

When Should Parents Contact the Form Tutor?

  • If they have any concerns about the academic progress of their son/daughter
  • If there are issues at home that they think school should be aware of
  • If they have any questions about the support that school can offer