Maths Equipment


Scientific calculators are an essential part of the equipment that students will need in order to complete the Mathematics syllabus at Key Stage 3 & 4 at SWCHS. The Casio FX83-GTX-S is a highly suitable model which contains all the features students will require right through to GCSE, as well as being a robust, clear and easy to use calculator.  We are able to purchase the calculators at a discounted rate of £8.35 each.

In addition, so that your child is fully equipped for Mathematics lessons, we also offer geometry sets at a cost of £1.35. These include a protractor, compass, ruler, rubber, pencil, sharpener, amongst other items, all presented in a metal tin.

To assist you in providing this equipment for your child, both the calculators and the geometry sets will be available for you to order at the start of term in September through Wisepay in the Shop section, under Books/Equipment on our website and will be handed out in class to your child at the start of the autumn term.

If your child is eligible for support through the Pupil Premium Grant, then we are happy to cover the cost of this equipment. 

Should you decide not to take advantage of this offer, we would ask you to ensure that your child is equipped with a suitable scientific calculator and a geometry set for September, as outlined above.