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SWCHS aims to provide a personalised curriculum that allows all students to fulfil their personal and academic potential, and provides students with the best possible progression opportunities. The curriculum (including extra-curricular provision) at SWCHS aims to allow all of our students to acquire deep knowledge and understanding across a broad range of subjects, and to develop transferable learning skills and positive character traits by:

  • Providing an engaging curriculum that inspires a love of learning;
  • Providing a broad curriculum that promotes across a wide range of subjects deep subject knowledge and the ability to engage critically with each subject;
  • Learning across the curriculum that supports the development of lively, enquiring and agile minds, and fosters intellectual curiosity and the ability to question rationally;
  • Helping students to understand the world in which they live and how to navigate through it as active, engaged and responsible participants in society;
  • Building cultural capital and broadening personal horizons through curriculum provision and a planned and inclusive extra-curricular entitlement that provides challenge and memorable, enriching experiences with access for all;
  • Enabling students to recognise, develop and to use effective and transferrable skills (including literacy, numeracy, IT and the school’s “SkillsBuilder” work-related skills) that foster character development and promote ‘intrapreneurial’ contributions within school and beyond. 
  • Developing a strong moral compass through the provision of learning with SMSC at its heart

From September, 2020 the allocation of time across subjects will be as shown in the tables below, which illustrate the number of taught periods across each two week timetable cycle:

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8):

Subject Timetable Allocation (periods per cycle)
Mathematics 6 (7 for support groups in Year 8)
English 6 (7 for support groups in Year 8)
Science 6
PE 4
PSHE (Year 7) 1
Computing 3 (2 in Year 7)
Geography 3
History 3
Religious Studies 2
MFL (French/German) 6 (4 for support groups in Year 8)
Technology 5
Art 2
Drama 2
Music 2

Year 9 Bridging Year

The Year 9 curriculum builds on the skills and knowledge from Years 7 and 8, and lays the foundations for students to start GCSE or equivalent courses in Year 10. The hybrid programme allows students to make some preliminary options choices within a broad and balanced curriculum that retains a focus on both English Baccalaureate and creative subjects. The Year 9 curriculum allows students to develop their love of subject, their depth of knowledge, subject-specific skills and contains subject-specific enrichment beyond the National Curriculum.

Subject Timetable Allocation (periods per cycle)
Mathematics 7
English 7
Science 9
Core PE 4
Religion, Philosophy & Ethics 3
Geography 3
History 3
MFL (one of French, German, Spanish, Latin) 5
Creative Option 3
Open Option 1 3
Open Option 2 3

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11):

A further options process allows students to focus on four options subjects. Our model of four options choices allows students to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum, with a strong EBacc core.

Subject Timetable Allocation (periods per cycle)
Mathematics 7
English 7
Science 10
PE 3
Religion, Philosophy & Ethics 3
Option 1 (Humanities) 5
Option 2 (a language for most students) 5
Option 3 5
Option 4 5

Computing/Information Technology

To support continued development of core Computing and ICT skills in Years 9 and 10, students participate in a  timetabled carousel programme that is delivered in one 'Maths' period over one term in each year.

Study Support

In Years 9 to 11 selected students are invited to participate in a structured Study Support programme. This replaces one options course.

Managing Curriculum Change

Our school curriculum is kept under constant review, at subject, area and whole-school levels. Subject courses have been aligned to the new National Curriculum and reformed examination board specifications for GCSE, BTec and GCE courses have been progressively implemented.

Detailed course information is given in this section of the web site.

Please see below for our Curriculum Policy.