About Us

Our aims are to: 

  • Ensure all students make excellent progress and attain their full academic potential.
  • Deliver excellent teaching of subject knowledge and develop the learning skills, habits and attitudes necessary to enable students to value, enjoy and further their learning.
  • Promote the outstanding personal and cultural development of all students through a rich and varied programme including trips, extra-curricular activities and community engagement. 
  • Maintain a secure and caring community which encourages academic ambition alongside respect and responsibility for all.
  • Provide students with facilities that encourage great learning, whilst being aware of the school community’s responsibility for its impact on the wider environment. 
  • Be motivational leaders of education at a school, regional and national level, inspiring all to achieve high standards, to be personally ambitious and mindful of well-being.

Ethos, Values and Expectations 

To help make an informed choice of school, parents and carers will wish to know something of our beliefs and expectations. 

Governors and staff believe that academic achievement to the highest level to which each individual can aspire is what most parents and carers will value. This will enable the majority of children to aspire to university entrance standards, including those of the most prestigious universities. Staff will seek to challenge all students regardless of their ability, and provide them with opportunities to fulfil their potential and achieve their personal best. 

In consequence, the school emphasises the prime importance of teaching and learning. Our staff place great value on academic work and are continually seeking to improve classroom practice. 

We are also clear that this central purpose is most likely to be achieved within a framework of traditional values such as discipline, respect and acceptance of school procedures. In a large school it is necessary for all students, parents, carers and staff to share an understanding that all students will: 

  • Work hard to achieve their full academic potential 
  • Respond to the many opportunities present both in and beyond the classroom 
  • Respect fellow students and staff 
  • Attend regularly, except when ill 
  • Complete homework and coursework by set deadlines 
  • Comply with instructions from staff 
  • When at fault, accept correction without argument 
  • Wear uniform as intended 
  • Seek to achieve their personal best

Parents and carers who share these values will find their children get the most out of Saffron Walden County High School. Those with different priorities may wish to consider alternatives for their children’s secondary education.