Students Prospectus

Welcome to the SWCHS Sixth Form Alternative Prospectus!

We are Faye and Chris, heads of the Sixth Form Student Council. The Council is one of the Sixth Form’s three student bodies, and our main focus is on teaching and learning. We organise events to make deciding A Levels easier, conduct ‘subject specialist’ sessions, consult with teachers, and generally act as a mouthpiece of the students, allowing you all to have your own say in how Sixth Form is run.

We decided to create this Alternative Prospectus after finding that there was not really much of a student’s perspective or viewpoint in the regular prospectus which you are given at open evenings and induction. We know that students often struggle to decide between courses, and there is nothing worse than spending a year or more studying something you don’t want to do. We both thought that this would be a useful resource for you, as potential students, to find out more about what students really think about life at SWCHS Sixth Form, focusing mainly on the wide range of subjects offered here.

There is a different page for nearly every subject – so feel free to pick and choose which ones you want to learn more about! On each, there is information such as possible trips, class sizes, workload and whether the subject lived up to the current students’ expectations. But most importantly: everything is written by a student here, with no teacher influence!

We hope this helps you in deciding your subject choices and wish you lots of luck in the future!

Faye Armitage and Chris Shaw


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