Sixth Form Courses


Level 3 qualifications are for post-GCSE students. They include:

.           A-Levels

.           Applied A-Levels

.           BTECs

.           Cambridge Technicals


What are A-Levels?

We offer a wide variety of A-Level subjects at SWCHS. From September 2016, most A-Levels are ‘linear’, which means the final results are based only on how students do in their A2 exams at the end of Year 13. Students may sit an AS exam at the end of Year 12, but this does not count towards their final grade. However, don’t forget that AS results still affect job and university applications, so they DO matter!

Some A-Levels are still ‘modular’, which means the AS exam result counts 50 percent towards the final result. From September 2016, the following A-Levels are ‘modular’:

Further Maths                                                                       
Classical Civilisation                                      
Film Studies                                                               
Media Studies                                                           
Music Technology
Government and Politics                                                      

All other A-Level subjects on offer at SWCHS will be ‘linear’.

From September 2017, there will be no more ‘modular’ A-Levels, because this type of exam is being phased out.

Assessment for both ‘linear’ and ‘modular’ A-Levels can be based on exams and/or coursework. See subject guides for more info.


What are Applied A-Levels?

Applied A-Levels are vocational subjects, and should be picked if students want to enter a particular field of work, such as Nursing, Business, Art and Design, or Science. These qualifications will enable students to get into higher education or find a job in their chosen area. Many of our students have gained Russell Group university places by achieving highly on these courses. A Double A-Level is the equivalent of two A-Levels

For all applied subjects, two thirds of the assessment is coursework and one third exams. This is an excellent choice if a student does well at coursework.

Applied A-Levels are modular and will be discontinued in 2017.


What Are BTECs and Cambridge Technicals?

BTECs and Cambridge Technicals are Level 3 courses, which are around 50% coursework. They are similar in standard to A-Levels.

If students know exactly what they want to do in their future career, or are planning to go onto further or higher education, this may be an appropriate qualification. Work is assessed during the course, which means students can keep improving and don’t need to rely solely on exam results. This qualification qualifies for points on the 'UCAS Tariff' for entry into higher education in the same way as A-Levels.



OCR Business Cambridge Technicals are Level 2 qualifications, similar in level to GCSEs. If a student needs to improve his/her GCSE results while re-sitting Maths and/or English, this Level 2 course is for them.