Sixth Form Calendar

Sixth Form Calendar 2017 - 2018

Start of Term Arrangements 

Half Term- 23rd October - 27th October

Sixth Form Opening Evening - 9th November

Deadline for Sixth Form Applications - 30th November

Year 12 Parents Evening - 7th December

Senior Citizens Christmas Party Evening - 13th December

Charities Week - 18th-20th December

Sixth Form Certificates Evening - 19th December

End of Term—20th December

Spring Term starts - 4th January

Spring Half Term - 12th - 16th February

Year 12 Mocks - w/c 19th February

Year 12 Rotary Interviews - 1st & 2nd March

Oxbridge Conference for Early Applicants - 28th March

End of Term - 29th March

Summer Term starts -16th April

Year 13 Mocks— 16th-20th April

Sixth Form Ball -  27th April

Post Sixth Form Evening (UCAS & Jobs)  for  Year 12 Parents - 1st May

Year 12  Exam leave - Starts from Monday 14th May (returning Monday 11th June)

Year 12 Exams Start - 14th May

Year 13 Leavers Lunch—24th May

Summer Half Term - 28th May – 1st June

Year 12 start Year 13 lessons— Monday 11th June

Year 12 Work Shadowing  -  2nd July (1 week)

 Sixth Form Induction - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/ July

Induction Information

Timings: The day starts at 8.30am until 3.20pm with normal school buses running. Induction runs from Monday to Thursday. On the Monday students will go straight to Saffron Hall for a welcome from the Head as well as finding out which Tutor Group they are in. The Induction programme will end at approximately 1pm on Thursday July 6th.

Dropping off/collection: Please only drop off/pick up your son/daughter from the bottom gate at the sports centre end of school. No student motorbikes are allowed on site.

Dress: We don’t have a uniform but students are requested to dress appropriately for a learning and working environment in an 11-18 school ie no skimpy shorts/skirts, low necklines/beachwear or crop tops.

Food: Lunch/snacks can be purchase with cash/wispay from lower school and Sixth Form canteen.

Year 12 UCAS Convention Trip to Newmarket Races -  20th June

UEA trip - 18th July

End of Term - 20th July