Sixth Form Calendar

Sixth Form Calendar 2016 - 2017

 Year 12 Work Shadowing  -  3rd July (1 week)

 Sixth Form Induction - 3rd/4th/5th/6th July

Year 12 UCAS Convention Trip to Cambridge - 21st June

Last Exam - 29th June

 End of Term - 21st July

Please don’t book your holiday before the end of the Summer Term.  Attendance is compulsory for Year 12 starting their Year 13 lessons on 13th June and is a requisite of being able to progress into Year 13.

We also recommend that are you be around for the Results Day on 17th August 2017. Members of the Sixth Form Team will be available for guidance  for both AS and A level queries.


Sixth Form Calendar 2017 - 2018

Newcomers to SWCHS Sixth Form Registration Day—5th September (please note this day only for new students to SWCHS—all students coming up from SWCHS Year 11 start on 6th September)

Whole Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13) start of term - Lessons start - 6th September

Motorwise/Wellbeing Activities - 12th/13th September

Welcome to Year 12 Evening - Event for Year 12 parents -12th September

Welcome to Year 13 Evening - Event for Year 13 parents - 19th September

Half Term- 23rd October - 27th October

Sixth Form Opening Evening - 9th November

Deadline for Sixth Form Applications -1st December

Senior Citizens Christmas Party Evening - 13th December

Charities Week - 18th-20th December

Sixth Form Certificates Evening - 19th December

End of Term—20th December

Spring Term starts - 4th January

Spring Half Term - 12th - 16th February

Year 12 Mocks - w/c 19th February

Year 12 Rotary Interviews - 1st & 2nd March

Oxbridge Conference for Early Applicants - March date tbc

End of Term - 29th March

Summer Term starts -16th April

Year 13 Mocks— 16th-20th April

Post Sixth Form Evening (UCAS & Jobs)  for  Year 12 Parents - 1st May

Sixth Form Ball -  4th May

Year 12  Exam leave - Starts from Monday 14th May (returning Monday 11th June)

Year 12 Exams Start - 14th May

Year 13 Leavers Lunch—25th May

Summer Half Term - 28th May – 1st June

Year 12 start Year 13 lessons— Monday 11th June

Year 12 Work Shadowing  -  2nd July (1 week)

 Sixth Form Induction - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/ July

Year 12 UCAS Convention Trip to Cambridge -  June tbc

End of Term - 20th July