Sixth Form Admissions




Key Dates: 

Start of Term Arrangements 

5th  September 2017: 8.30am - 10.30am Newcomers Induction to SWCHS Sixth Form  (please note this day only for new students to SWCHS—all students coming up from SWCHS Year 11 start on 6th September)
6th September 2017: Whole Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13) start of term at 8.30am for lessons starting at 8.40am.
Any course grade concerns email into

Friday 1st December 2017- Deadline for application to Sixth Form

Monday 22nd January 2018 - Sixth Form guidance discussions begin.  On arrival please go to reception.  We would kindly ask if newcomers to SWCHS could bring along their latest report showing their most recent forecast grades.

Offers of Sixth Form places will go out before Easter 2018

Year 12 Induction - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th July 2018

Please see current prospectus for application guidelines.

Forecast Grades:  Please note that if you do not currently have a recent report showing forecast grades it can be forwarded no later than 20th January to be attached to your application.

Entry into Year 12

1. No student will be admitted to the school post-16, unless academic requirements, as set out in the current prospectus, have been met and there are places available on chosen courses.

2. In the event of the number of such applicants from outside SWCHS exceeding our capacity, preference will be given to those best suited academically to their chosen courses, using forecast GCSE grades as the indicator. The offer is made subject to applicants achieving the grades required for their chosen courses.

3. Applications received after the deadline given in the prospectus will only be considered if space becomes available on the chosen courses.

4. Where applications are initially unsuccessful, we encourage students to re-apply in the light of their actual examination results. If spaces become available on the chosen courses, we will then contact these students to offer them places.

5. Where there are extenuating circumstances, the Headteacher’s judgement on whether a student’s application is successful or not is final.


In the case of students applying or reapplying for Year 12, having already done AS Levels, they will not be admitted unless:

1. There are exceptional personal circumstances.

2. They are restarting on new courses and there are places after current Year 12 admissions are complete.

Personal Statement

It is important that this section is filled in properly. It is likely to be referred to in the student’s guidance discussion for a Sixth Form place. Applicants need to state clearly their reasons for wishing to join the Sixth Form at Saffron Walden County High School. One important and enjoyable part of life in the Sixth Form involves taking on new responsibilities. Please include any areas of interest.

Students must be specific if they have particular achievements. For example, if a student takes part in sport, he/she should state the team(s) played for, or in the case of music, the grades that have been achieved.

  Students new to SWCHS should summarise their extra-curricular activities, complete their estimated grades (using grades from their most recent report), and attach a reference from either their current Headteacher or Head of Year. Please note that external applicants will have to bring a recent report to their guidance discussion.

Sixth Form Induction

It is essential that students attend Induction Week, which is a crucial introduction to the start of their Post-16 career. Please see current prospectus for details.

Progression from Year 12 to Year 13

We do our best to ensure that every Year 12 student has a viable plan in place for September of Year 13. In previous years, around 90% of our students make an automatic transition into Year 13. Of the remaining 10%, very few actually leave. Current DfE data shows our retention at 99.4% compared to a national average of 95.9%.

We are confident that most students will achieve at least a grade C (or their target grade, if lower) at AS Level in the subjects they wish to continue. This will enable them to make an automatic transition to the more demanding Year 13 courses. In this case, students don’t need to do anything except enjoy the rest of their summer and prepare to start Year 13 at SWCHS on September 6th.

Where students haven’t achieved a C grade in their AS exams in one or more subjects, this obviously raises some concerns about their capacity to tackle the more demanding work in Year 13. These students may well continue, with guidance, to enable them to select their best options.

Any decisions about continuing a subject into Year 13 will take into account teacher recommendations and a consideration of attendance and study habits, as well as their grade at AS. Students who have achieved a D grade and want to continue in one or more subjects will be expected to re-sit any paper(s) at a D grade. This will involve them revising during the post results period, so they can be in the best position to tackle Year 13.

For students who may not be able to continue three of their subjects into Year 13, we have a number of options dependent on their career plans. These could include picking up a new subject, doing work experience alongside A-Levels, or in a few cases students may decide they need to look at other courses, such as apprenticeships. Please note these discussions are based around the students’ needs and their future plans; we work very hard to ensure they are able to progress. Please, however, be aware that the changes to government funding mean that we are no longer able to offer re-starts to students following the same subjects.

We also have our independent careers advisor available for students and parents. When discussing options for students, we need to work within government funding guidelines, as well as the constraints of the new Year 12 timetable. Students in this situation will be contacted by the Sixth Form team, or they can contact us using the dedicated email: They will be given advice or an appointment.

Overall decisions over whether students can progress onto A2 courses will be made by the Headteacher.


1. As required by law, the Governors have established an independent Committee to hear appeals against a refusal to admit.

2. Subject information contained in this Prospectus is correct at the time of printing.

3. SWCHS reserves the right to withdraw a subject(s) if take-up numbers make running the class non-viable.

4. In the case of subjects not fitting the timetable blocks, students will be asked to make a second choice.