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Information Evening for Year 12 Parents, Tues 1st May 2018: Post-SWCHS Options

Year 12 parents are invited to attend an information evening on Tues 1st May 2018, to learn about the options that are open to your child post-SWCHS.

 Your son/daughter has almost completed Year 12 and, once he/she returns after their exams, will take part in a series of sessions to inform their post-SWCHS plans and to help them decide whether to apply to university or not. This information evening is not for students: it is designed to help you support your child in making this important decision

 The schedule for the Parents’ Information Evening on May 1st is as follows:

On the evening we will also be selling copies of Apply, a useful guide full of information and ideas for post-6th Form – be it for higher education or careers. The price is £5. Copies will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and can be pre-ordered by emailing Please state your son/daughter’s name and form in the email and the guide can be collected on the evening.  We look forward to seeing you on May 1st.


Welcome to Year 12 Sixth Form’ Evening’- Tuesday 12th September 2017

The evening will start at 7.00pm in Saffron Hall; it will end at around 7.45pm, followed by time with the Tutors until 8.15pm.
As this evening is for parents/guardians and not for students please ensure that you are aware of their tutor’s name.
The purpose of each session is to allow us to outline to parents the structure of Year 12, our expectations of students, and how to avoid pitfalls.
You will also have the opportunity to meet your son/daughter’s Sixth Form Personal Tutor.
Ultimately, the aim is to advise parents on how they can help Year 12 students to derive maximum benefit from their first year in the Sixth Form.

For those of you who were unable to attend please click on the Powerpoint Presentation below.


Welcome to Year 13 Sixth Form’ Evening’ - Tuesday 19th September 2017

The evening will start at 7.00pm in Saffron Hall; it will end at around 8.00pm. May we remind you that this evening is for parents/guardians and not for students.
The purpose of the evening is to help parents understand what will be happening throughout the year and how best to support son and daughter during Year 13.
Despite the fact that the students are in Year 13 we strongly believe that students do best when their parents/guardians are well informed.
During the evening we will be looking at monitoring and recording student progress and how best to support your son/daughter.