Infomation for Prospective Sixth Form Students and Parents holding offers for courses starting in 2019.

We’re looking forward to seeing you for our Induction, the start of your 6th Form studies, which runs from Monday July 1st to Thursday July 4th 2019.

The main focus of Induction is to give you a real taste of what it is going to be like studying your chosen subjects at SWCHS. You will be given 3 lessons in each of your chosen subjects, mostly taught by the teachers who will teach you next year and in the classes you’ll be in, and – as this is the start of your courses – you can expect to be set summer homework in most cases too. It’s a chance for you to ensure you’ve made the right choices for the next 2 years both in terms of subjects and 6th Form: there will also be a chance to try another subject if you are still undecided or to talk to someone if you need more advice.  Any subject changes will need to fit into our subject blocks and class sizes. Student will have an opportunity to discuss any changes with a member of the Sixth Form team during induction.

Alongside your lessons there will be a chance to hear about the voluntary work opportunities we can help you organise: these are not just good to undertake, they are often key, especially for those who are hoping to apply to study and then work in the caring professions. We will also outline to you the support we offer to Early Applicants, those students who are applying to the most competitive universities and courses. You’ll obviously also have the chance to meet your Personal Tutor.

Finally, there will be the chance to meet friends, both new and old, in a range of more relaxed activities, as well as explore the 6th Form and school for those of you who are new to SWCHS.

If you are not planning on attending any of the days of Induction or if you have now decided not to take up your offer of a place at SWCHS, can you please email us at  to let us know.

It’s an exciting time every year for us, meeting our new Year 12, but above all we hope you enjoy and make the most of Induction.

See you on the 1st!

Helen Cox

Head of Sixth Form

Induction Information

Timings: The day starts at 8.30am until 3.20pm with normal school buses running. Induction runs from Monday to Thursday. On the Monday students will go straight to Saffron Hall for a welcome from the Head as well as finding out which Tutor Group they are in. The Induction programme will end at approximately 1pm on Thursday July 5th.

Dropping off/collection: Please only drop off/pick up your son/daughter from the bottom gate at the sports centre end of school. No student motorbikes are allowed on site.

Dress: We don’t have a uniform but students are requested to dress appropriately for a learning and working environment in an 11-18 school ie no skimpy shorts/skirts, low necklines/beachwear or crop tops.

Food: Lunch/snacks can be purchase with cash/wispay from lower school and Sixth Form canteen.