Home Learning

At SWCHS we understand the value of developing independent learning behaviour in our young people and homework plays an important role is fostering self-discipline and personal organisation. It also reinforces and enriches the learning that young people do in school.

Our Principles in Setting Homework

Teachers will set at least one homework per fortnightly cycle, but English, Maths andScience will set one per week. At certain times, for example when students are completing an assessment, a longer piece of work will be set.

Teachers do not set work that has to be completed by the following day.

Students are encouraged to note down the amount of time to take on each piece of homework in their planners.

Some of the time allocated to each subject can be spent on independent work. This should be recorded by students in planners; teachers should then check completion of tasks in lessons.

Students will need to spend more time working at home at KS4 before exams, controlled assessments etc.