Exam Results 2016

Facts and figures 2016

Academic Excellence

The 2016 results ‘maintained our position as one of the leading comprehensive school Sixth Forms in England’. In fact over the last three years our students have made progress equal or better than any sixth form in England.

Our results this year have once again improved on an already strong track record. The table below records that across our full ability intake in 2016, 41% of our students achieved A* or A grades; of these 17% achieved A*, a figure which compares favourably with more selective institutions and represents our best achievement in the last five years. Nationally the A*/A achievement was 26% and the A* was 8%. All of our students achieved A*-E at A2 level.

Adding value

The ‘raw’ examination grades tell us what students have achieved, but they do not show what progress students have made in their post-16 studies. For example, students who achieved identical A-Level results might have started from very different GCSE results – in effect, one student has made more progress than the other. Measures are available to show the progress made by students in relation to their GCSE achievement – an approach known as ‘valued-added’. This is probably a better measure of Sixth Form success than the raw examination statistics. Looking at the results over the last three years for our students using the independent ALPS system and comparing them with all the sixth forms in England, our students have made progress which ranks us as number one in England.



The A-Level Performance System (ALPS) measures the relative ‘value added’ performance of schools and colleges, and is recognised as ‘best practice’ by OFSTED. The 2016 results (measured against the full national dataset of 241,036 students taking over 685,377 A-Levels in June 2013) gave SWCHS a Grade 2. This means that SWCHS Sixth Form has been in the top 10% of schools and colleges for the last six years. Over the last three years our Alps grade is 1.






‘A Sixth Form that  is exemplary in every respect’ Ofsted report

From their report …

The effectiveness and efficiency of this inclusive Sixth Form are outstanding.

Standards are well above average and achievement is consistently high. This is because the environment for learning is extremely positive and much excellent teaching promotes rapid progress. Because students are keen to learn, they very quickly acquire the independent learning and other skills they need to be successful.

Outstanding leadership and management ensure that students’ progress is closely monitored and wellfocussed support provided where necessary. Students speak highly of the excellent care and guidance they receive both before entering and while in their Sixth Form. This guidance, together with a curriculum that is well matched to their needs and aspirations, helps to ensure that students are well suited to their courses, with the result that few drop out early. Students’ personal development is outstanding. They enjoy and appreciate their education, and make significant contribution to the school and wider community. As one student said, ‘We are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals and not just academically successful’.